139 Glenfern-Back L 3-4 dusk sm
139 Glenfern-Back elevation dusk sm
139 Glenfern-Back R 3-4 dusk sm
139 Glenfern-Window view 3 sm
139 Glenfern-Interior dusk sm
139 Glenfern-Window view 1-fan blur sm
139 Glenfern-View to library sm
139 Glenfern-View from library sm
139 Glenfern-Utility room sm
139 Glenfern-Fireplace-fire off sm
139 Glenfern-Interior detail 2 sm
139 Glenfern-Interior detail 1 sm
139 Glenfern-Back R 3-wine sm
139 Glenfern-Exterior detail 2 sm
139 Glenfern-Exterior detail 4 sm
139 Glenfern-R side 2 sm

Project 10

Older home lower city.  Project involved demo of existing sun room and detached garage followed by building this beautiful modern addition featuring a garage and sitting room with polished concrete floors, natural gas fireplace, and cherry wood finish.  Architectural design for this project was provided by Carrothers and Associates